Irk Past Questions

Refresh Questions
The first place of Muslims ig atio as ___
  • A. Abyssinia
  • B. Taif
  • C. Medina
  • D. Yathrib
If a Muslim prays five times daily on a regular basis, how many times will he have prayed a regular
  • A. 1825
  • B. 1835
  • C. 1835
  • D. 1845
Ibadah refers to
  • A. worship of ancestors
  • B. worship of the Prophet
  • C. worship of the caliphs
  • D. worship of Allah
The main message of ayay Amanar-Rasul is
  • A. the significance of knowledge
  • B. the articles of faith
  • C. the pillars of Islam
  • D. payment of Zakat
The reason for the declaration of Jihad against the Islamic state of Borno by Muhammad Bello wasbecause of the people
  • A. rebellion
  • B. extremism
  • C. syncretism
  • D. fundamentalism
The reason Mecca suwar lay emphasis on oneness of Allah is because
  • A. it was the only way to call Mecca to Islam
  • B. it is the only article of faith
  • C. it is the only article of peace between Prophet Muhammad and the Mecca
  • D. the pre-Islamic Mecca were idolatrous
?eek k o ledge, e e u to Chi a ea s ____
  • A. go to China to seek knowledge
  • B. knowledge is found in China
  • C. go at any length to seek knowledge
  • D. knowledge must be sought in china
The prophet admonishes that if an abomination is found, a true Muslim should at least
  • A. hate if from his heart
  • B. change it with his hands immediately
  • C. condemn it publicly
  • D. declare Jihad
The word Hafizi in Q. 82: 10 means
  • A. angels
  • B. jinns
  • C. spirits
  • D. man
Lakum dinukum wa Liya dinin means
  • A. religion is good
  • B. to you is my religion and to me yours
  • C. to you is your religion and to me is my religion
  • D. my religion is better than yours