Irk Past Questions

Refresh Questions
If a Muslim prays five times daily on a regular basis, how many times will he have prayed a regular
  • A. 1825
  • B. 1835
  • C. 1835
  • D. 1845
One importance of wearing the Ihram during Hajj is_____
  • A. it directs the mind of all Muslims towards Allah
  • B. it purifies the Muslims
  • C. it makes all Muslims equal
  • D. it distinguishes pilgrims by country of origin
The oa d gi e to P ophet Muhad is the first e elatio of the Qu a tells us about ____
  • A. education
  • B. prosperity
  • C. worship
  • D. Allah
Hajjatul Wada of Prophet Muhammad was delivered in
  • A. 632
  • B. 630
  • C. 628
  • D. 631
The final and total prohibition of intoxicants is contained in Surah
  • A. al-Baqarah
  • B. an-Nisa
  • C. al-Maidah
  • D. al- I a
When Prophet Muhammad got to Yathrib, he had to first and foremost settle the feud between
  • A. Aws and Khazraj
  • B. banu Nadir and Mecca
  • C. Mecca and Medina
  • D. Aws and Nadir
The prophet admonishes that if an abomination is found, a true Muslim should at least
  • A. hate if from his heart
  • B. change it with his hands immediately
  • C. condemn it publicly
  • D. declare Jihad
The i itial suggestio to o pile the Qu a as aised
  • A. A u Bak
  • B. Umar B. Khattab
  • C. Zaid B. Thabit
  • D. Uthman B. Affan
The word Hafizi in Q. 82: 10 means
  • A. angels
  • B. jinns
  • C. spirits
  • D. man
Suratul-Kawthar was revealed following the _____ of the Mecca
  • A. uproar
  • B. insinuation
  • C. intolerance
  • D. resistance