Geography Past Questions

Refresh Questions
Planetary winds are deflected on crossing the Equator due mainly to the effects of
  • A. Ferrel's law
  • B. Coriolis Force
  • C. Gravitational force
  • D. The jet stream
  • E. The jet stream
Ferrel’s law states that winds deflect to the
  • A. Left in the northern
  • B. Right in the Northern hemisphere and to the left in the Southern hemisphere
  • C. Right in both hemispheres
  • D. Left in both hemisphere.
  • E. Left in both hemisphere.
Which of the following is a cold ocean current
  • A. Mozambique
  • B. gulf stream
  • C. Kuro Siwo
  • D. Benguela
  • E. Benguela
The major air mass affecting the climate of West Africa in summer is the
  • A. harmattan wind
  • B. tropical continental
  • C. warm equatorial
  • D. tropical maritime
  • E. tropical maritime
What is the Local Standard time in New York (750W) when it is 2 p.m. in Accra?
  • A. 7 p.m. (19hrs)
  • B. 7 a.m. (0700hrs)
  • C. 9 p.m. (2100hrs)
  • D. 9 a.m. (0900hrs)
  • E. 9 a.m. (0900hrs)
The bearing of Jata from Adaba is approximately
  • A. 29°
  • B. 17°
  • C. 21°
  • D. 25°
  • E. 25°
The highest volume of shipping across the Atlantic ocean is
  • A. between Europe and Africa
  • B. between North America and Europe
  • C. between African and South America
  • D. between North America and South America
  • E. between North America and South America
The major sedimentary minerals found in Nigeria include:
  • A. tin, columbite and gold
  • B. tin, coal and salt
  • C. limestone, columbite and diamond
  • D. limestone, petroleum and coal
  • E. limestone, petroleum and coal
The bearing, to the nearest degree, of the mosque in Amagu settlement from the middle of the bridge across the River Zogo is
  • A. 41°
  • B. 51°
  • C. 61°
  • D. 31°
  • E. 31°
The proportion of the earth's surface occupied by ocean is approximately
  • A. 97%
  • B. 77%
  • C. 87%
  • D. 67%
  • E. 67%