Geography Past Questions

Refresh Questions
What is the size, in square kilometers of the area covered by the map?
  • A. 58.0 sqkm
  • B. 64.0 sqkm
  • C. 51.0 sqkm
  • D. 62.0 sqkm
What type of climate has the station?
  • A. Cool temperature
  • B. Warm temperature
  • C. Mediterranean
  • D. Cold temperature
A degree of latitudinal distance is approximately
  • A. 111km
  • B. 221KM
  • C. 121km
  • D. 212km
Which of the following timber trees are found in the tropical rain forest of Africa?
  • A. Obeche and teak
  • B. Mahogany and teak
  • C. Obeche and Mahogany
  • D. Iroko and Eucalyptus
Name the feature shown below
  • A. Crescent dune
  • B. Nunatex
  • C. Crag and tail
  • D. Inselberg
The world driest desert is
  • A. Atacama
  • B. Sahara
  • C. Kalahari
  • D. California
Which of the following minerals is produced in Niger Republic?
  • A. Uranium
  • B. Crude oil
  • C. Copper
  • D. Tin and Columbite
Which of the following population characteristics is best related to African countries?
  • A. Low birthraate and high death rate
  • B. High birthrate and high death rate
  • C. High birth rate and below death rate
  • D. Low birth rate and low death rate
Which of the following location in Nigeria has the least mean annual rainfall total?
  • A. Sokoto
  • B. Maiduguri
  • C. Potiskum
  • D. Nguru
A desert country which has a high population density supported by irrigation is
  • A. Niger
  • B. Egypt
  • C. Sudan
  • D. Kuwait