Physics Past Questions

Refresh Questions
For a particle having an x co-ordinate that varies in time according to the express ion x = 4t -2t2 The instantaneous velocity for of the particle at t = 2.5s is:
  • A. 12m/s
  • B. 6m/s
  • C. 0m/s
  • D. 10m/s
  • E. 10m/s
When a yellow card is observed through a blue glass, the card would appear as
  • A. black
  • B. green
  • C. red
  • D. white
  • E. white
Which of the following is not true about the properties of x-rays?
  • A. they are not deflected by magnetic or electric field
  • B. they ionized a gas making it a conductor
  • C. they are massive
  • D. they have high penetrating power
  • E. they have high penetrating power
Which of the following phenomena cannot be explained by the molecular theory of matter?
  • A. evaporation
  • B. expansion
  • C. conduction
  • D. radiation
  • E. radiation
In the force of gravity on an object of mass m, the gravitational field strength, g, is given by the following equation.
  • A. g = √MF
  • B. g = MF
  • C. g = M√F
  • D. g = F/M.
  • E. g = F/M.
Dry air of column length 10 cm is trapped by a pellet of mercury of length 15 cm, with the open end uppermost. When the capillary is inverted the length of the air column increased to 25 cm while that of mercury remained constant. Calculate the atmospheric pressure (in cm of Hg.)
  • A. 35 cm Hg
  • B. 15 cm Hg
  • C. 20 cm Hg
  • D. 35 cm Hg
  • E. 35 cm Hg
A capacity of 2.0 x 10-11F and an inductor are joined in series. The value of the inductance that will give the circuit a resonant frequency of 200KHz is
  • A. 1/16H
  • B. 1/8H
  • C. 1/64H
  • D. 1/32H
  • E. 1/32H
Which of these is not a fundamental S.I unit
  • A. Ampere
  • B. Kelvin
  • C. Seconds
  • D. Radians
  • E. Radians
When white light passes through a triangular prism, the emerging rays of light arranged in order of decreasing angle of deviation are
  • A. red, orange, yellow, green
  • B. blue, green, orange, yellow
  • C. red, green, yellow, orange
  • D. blue, green, yellow, orange
  • E. blue, green, yellow, orange
When the length of the string of a simple pendulum is L its period is 0.5π second is 0.5π seconds. The period when the length is increased to 4L will be
  • A. 0.5π seconds
  • B. π seconds
  • C. 2π seconds
  • D. 4π seconds
  • E. 4π seconds