Physics Past Questions

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the velocity of a 500 kg car moving long a straight road, changes from 12 m/s to 20 m/s in 5 sec. calculate the average force moving the car.
  • A. 2000N
  • B. 1600N
  • C. 1200N
  • D. 800N
Which of the following instruments has a pure tone?
  • A. guitar
  • B. Vibrating String
  • C. Turning forks
  • D. Screen
Which of the following is not a thermometer?
  • A. thermocouple
  • B. pyrometer
  • C. hydrometer
  • D. platinum resistance thermometer.
A 5kg block is released from rest on a smooth plane inclined at an angle of 30o to the horizontal. What is the acceleration down the plane? [ g = 10ms-2]
  • A. 5.0 ms-2
  • B. 8.7 ms-2
  • C. 25.0 ms-2
  • D. 5.8 ms-2  
When a yellow card is observed through a blue glass, the card would appear as
  • A. black
  • B. green
  • C. red
  • D. white
An airplane increases its speed 36 km/h to 360 km/h in 20.0 s. How far does it travel while accelerating.
  • A. 4.4 km
  • B. 1.1 km
  • C. 2.3 km
  • D. 1.0 km
The energy contained in wire when it is extended by 0.02m by a force 500N is
  • A. 104J
  • B. 103J
  • C. 10J
  • D. 5J
The resistance of a wire depends on
  • A. the length of the wire
  • B. the diameter of the wire
  • C. the temperature of the wire
  • D. All of the above
A temperature scale has a lower fixed point of 40mm and an upper fixed point of 200mm. What is the reading on this scale when the temperature reads 60oc?
  • A. 136.omm
  • B. 33.3mm
  • C. 96.0mm
  • D. 36.0mm
Which of the following is not true about a chemical cell?
  • A. in primary cells the process through which current is generated is irreversible
  • B. secondary cells can be recharged after they run down by passing a current into the cell in the reverse direction
  • C. positive ions are attracted to the positive electrode where they become neutralized by acquiring electrons
  • D. primary cells can be recharged