Chemistry Past Questions

Refresh Questions
Which of the following statements is correct about the average kinetic energy of the molecules of a gas
  • A. It inctreasaes with increase in pressure
  • B. It increases at constant pressure
  • C. It increases with increase in temperature
  • D. It increases in volume
C(s) + 2S (g) → CS2 (g) Δ H = +89kJ mol-1. The chemical equation above implies that
  • A. Each of carbon and sulphur has 89kJ of energy
  • B. Both carbon and sulphur contribute 89kJ of energy
  • C. 89kJ of energy is released
  • D. 89kJ is absorbed
The stability of the noble gases is due to the fact that they
  • A. Have duplet or octet electron configurations
  • B. Belong to group zero of the periodic table
  • C. Are volatile in nature
  • D. Have no electron in their outermost shells
When sulphur (IV) oxide is passed into a solution of sodium hydroxide for a long time. It eventually produces a solution of
  • A. Na2SO4
  • B. NaHSO4
  • C. Na2SO3
  • D. NaHSO3
The solution that will conduct the highest amount of electricity is
  • A. 2.0 moldm-3 of ethanoic acid
  • B. 0.5 mol dm-3 of ethanoic acid
  • C. 2.0 mol dm-3 of hydrochloric acid
  • D. 0.5 moldm-3 of hydrochloric acid
The chromatographic separation of ink is based on the ability of the components to
  • A. React with each other
  • B. React with the solvent
  • C. Dissolve in each other in the column
  • D. Move at different speeds in the column
Which of the following is an electrolyte
  • A. Alcohol
  • B. Sodium acetate solution
  • C. Solid potassium hydroxide
  • D. Mercury
What is the correct IUPAC name for NO2
  • A. Dioxonitrate(III) ion
  • B. Dioxonitrate(IV) ION
  • C. trioxonitrate(iii) ion
  • D. trioxonitrate(iv) ion
The pair of organic compounds that are isomers is
  • A. Benzene and methylbenzene
  • B. Trichloromethane and Tetrachloromethane
  • C. Ethanol and propanone
  • D. But-1-ene and but-2-ene
Which of the following is found in cotton
  • A. Starch
  • B. Cellulose
  • C. fat
  • D. oil