Government Past Questions

Refresh Questions
The Nigerian federal legislature is called the
  • A. Senate
  • B. Congress
  • C. National Assembly
  • D. House of Representatives
The Zikist Movement was popular for its
  • A. philosophy of non-violence
  • B. promotion of mass literacy
  • C. militant nationalism
  • D. encouragement of multi-party system
These are common forms of governments except
  • A. federal
  • B. Unitary
  • C. Plural
  • D. confederal
The court that has ultimate power to interprets the constitution is the
  • A. Supreme Court
  • B. Magistrate Court
  • C. High Court
  • D. Court of Appeal
Before a candidate is declared winner under absolute majority system of voting, the candidate must score more than ___ of the total vote cast.
  • A. half
  • B. one - quarter
  • C. one - third
  • D. three - quarter
The Aro age-grade system in igboland was
  • A. a religious organization
  • B. a political organization
  • C. a commercial organization
  • D. an imperial organization
In the parliamentary system of government, ministers are
  • A. chosen from the House as well as outside
  • B. collectively responsible to parliament
  • C. representatives of various interests in the country
  • D. not members of the legislature
The process of learning the norms and values associated with a political system is referred to as political
  • A. socialization
  • B. indoctrination
  • C. culture
  • D. participation
Nigeria’s role in ECOMOG is essentially informed by her
  • A. desire for peace and stability
  • B. chairmanship of ECOWAS.
  • C. desire to establish democracy
  • D. member ship of ECOWAS.
The indirect rule system of administration was more successful in Northern Nigeria because
  • A. the people were mainly interested in being governed indirectly
  • B. of the existence of an organized structure in the area
  • C. the Europeans ensured that the farmlands of the natives were not confiscated
  • D. the natives showed little or no resistance.