History Past Questions

Refresh Questions
The use of forced labour was one of the features of
  • A. British colonial policy
  • B. French colonial policy
  • C. American colonial policy
  • D. divide and rule
An acephalous pre-colonial system is best represented by the
  • A. Oyo Empire
  • B. Igbo political organisation
  • C. Ijaw political organisation
  • D. Benin Empire
The Yoruba, Edo, Nupe, and Ibo languages are classified as belonging to the
  • A. Arabic
  • B. Kwa-sub group
  • C. Kaw sub group
  • D. Kai sub group
Which of the following formalised colonial penetration into Africa?
  • A. Paris Treaty
  • B. Berlin Conference
  • C. Lagos Treaty
  • D. Cape Coast
The Portuguese first visited Benin around
  • A. 1485
  • B. 1484
  • C. 1486
  • D. 1483
Nigerian educated elites agitated against colonial rule
  • A. by bribing colonial governors
  • B. through lobbying
  • C. through newspapers
  • D. by fighting civil war
Galadima in the emirate refers to
  • A. a village head
  • B. the office in charge of the army
  • C. the administrator of the capital city
  • D. a judge
The Committee that recommended Abuja as the New Federal Capital was headed by
  • A. Graham Douglas
  • B. Mamman Nasir
  • C. Rotimi Williams
  • D. Akinola Aguda
In the pre-colonial Igbo political system, which of the following was the most democratic organ of government
  • A. The Umand
  • B. Eze
  • C. Isu
  • D. Ohanaeze
Which of the following titles among the Igbos in the pre-colonial era required substantial wealth before one could acquire it?
  • A. Obi
  • B. Eze
  • C. Ozo
  • D. Ofo