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The Committee that recommended Abuja as the New Federal Capital was headed by
  • A. Graham Douglas
  • B. Mamman Nasir
  • C. Rotimi Williams
  • D. Akinola Aguda
  • E. Akinola Aguda
The introduction of indirect rule in eastern Nigeria led to the Aba Women Riots of
  • A. 1914
  • B. 1929
  • C. 1935
  • D. 1916
  • E. 1916
Geographically, Nigeria lies between latitudes
  • A. 40 and 140
  • B. 4 and 100
  • C. 140 and 4
  • D. all of the above
  • E. all of the above
In the pre-colonial Yoruba society, the power of the Oyo Mesi were checked by
  • A. Baale
  • B. Ogboni
  • C. Are Ona Kankafo
  • D. Bashorun
  • E. Bashorun
A chief could be deposed in the pre-colonial era if he
  • A. violated the written constitution
  • B. persistently neglected the advice of the elders
  • C. refuse to collect taxes for the Britishs
  • D. married too many wives
  • E. married too many wives
Nigerian educated elites agitated against colonial rule
  • A. by bribing colonial governors
  • B. through lobbying
  • C. through newspapers
  • D. by fighting civil war
  • E. by fighting civil war
The Sokoto Jihad led to the formation of Islamic States in following States except
  • A. Senegal
  • B. Mali
  • C. Chad
  • D. Togo
  • E. Togo
The Lagos Colony and the Southern Protectorate of Nigeria were joined in the year
  • A. 1904
  • B. 1906
  • C. 1910
  • D. 1914
  • E. 1914
The first independence day speech in Nigeria was given by??.
  • A. Muhammadu Buhari
  • B. Obafemi Awolowo
  • C. Tafawa Balewa
  • D. Nnamdi Azikwe
  • E. Nnamdi Azikwe
Which of the following titles among the Igbos in the pre-colonial era required substantial wealth before one could acquire it?
  • A. Obi
  • B. Eze
  • C. Ozo
  • D. Ofo
  • E. Ofo