Englishlit Past Questions

Refresh Questions
The poet’s tone is one of
  • A. sadness
  • B. joy
  • C. condemnation
  • D. sarcasm
What happened to Tess at the end of Thomas Herds Tess of the D'urbervilles?
  • A. She is executed for committing murder
  • B. She got married to Angel Clare
  • C. She got married to Alec D’Urbervilles
  • D. She gave birth to a baby boy.
In William Morris "The Proud King". The rhyme scheme for the seven line stanzas is consistent it is
  • A. aabbcc
  • B. ababbcc
  • C. abcdee
  • D. abccddeeff
One of the themes here reveals "Harvest of corruption"
  • A. Patriotism and resistance to oppression
  • B. Irony of culture
  • C. Spiritual decadence
  • D. Plant corruption, harvest corruption
What causes the strained relationship between James and Lawyer B?
  • A. Betrayal of trust
  • B. Standard of education
  • C. Working experience
  • D. Family differences
Constance Neville, an orphan is the niece and ward of
  • A. Mr. Hastings
  • B. Mr. Hardcastle
  • C. Mrs. Hardcastle
  • D.
"That that is why we must acc-c-cept the universal d-d-dome, b-b-because there is no d-d-d-direction, The b-b-bridge is the d-d-dome of religion and b-b- bridges d-don't just g-g-go from here to the there; a bridge also face backwards". Wole Soyinka, The Interpreters. The idiolectical feature of the character's speech is the
  • A. repetition of consonant sounds
  • B. repetition of initial consonant sounds
  • C. duplication of consonant sound clusters
  • D. multiplication of diphthongs.
The central motif in this excerpt is
  • A. religious
  • B. pride
  • C. poverty
  • D. deceit
On a Friday night a few weeks later, packing boxes filled the younger apartment in prepartion for the move to their new house in a
  • A. White neighbourhood
  • B. Black neighbourhood
  • C. Outskirt of the neighbourhood
  • D. City
A literary device that creates a mental picture of a situation is
  • A. imagery
  • B. symbolism
  • C. flashback
  • D. epilogue.