Englishlit Past Questions

Refresh Questions
“Eagle in Kunene’s “A Heritage of Liberation” is a symbol of:
  • A. deceit
  • B. peace
  • C. agility
  • D. death.
The author's thematic concern is
  • A. Overcoming deception to reach the truth
  • B. The ability to rise above defeat
  • C. Relationship between the blacks and whites
  • D. Actualising one's dreams
The play Hamlet may be described as a tragedy of:
  • A. belief in ghosts
  • B. marital infidelity
  • C. indecision and procrastination
  • D. inordinate love of father by son.
The language used, in Eliot’s ‘The Journey of the’ Magi is generally
  • A. difficult
  • B. complex
  • C. simple
  • D. complicated.
The tone in Dennis Brutus' "A Troubadour I Traverse .... " can be described as:
  • A. defiant
  • B. submissive
  • C. regretful
  • D. arrogant.
The major reason for Juliet’s grief is
  • A. the death of her cousin
  • B. her reluctant marriage to the County
  • C. the banishment of her lover
  • D. her imminent death.
One of the following terms applies to the discussion of both tragedy and comedy
  • A. Climax
  • B. Happy-ending
  • C. Tragic hero
  • D. Alliteration
What figure of speech is “shining coal”?
  • A. paradox
  • B. irony
  • C. oxymoron
  • D. paronomasia
The setting is
  • A. A seaport in Cyprus
  • B. Venice, another street
  • C. A room in the castle
  • D. Before the castle
De graft’s Sons and Daughters is structured into:
  • A. three acts
  • B. four scenes
  • C. two acts
  • D. five Episodes.