Englishlit Past Questions

Refresh Questions
Which of the following is central to narrative friction?
  • A. Verisimilitude
  • B. Dialogue
  • C. Objectivity
  • D. Subjectivity
  • E. Subjectivity
Ariel has ‘come’ because
  • A. he has been invited by Prospero
  • B. he wants to make a request
  • C. he desires a meeting
  • D. flying is no problem to him
  • E. flying is no problem to him
Kofi Awoonors. The Anvil and the Hammer. The dominant imagery used in the poem is
  • A. Dress-making
  • B. New life
  • C. Tradition and modernity
  • D. Flags
  • E. Flags
"That that is why we must acc-c-cept the universal d-d-dome, b-b-because there is no d-d-d-direction, The b-b-bridge is the d-d-dome of religion and b-b- bridges d-don't just g-g-go from here to the there; a bridge also face backwards". Wole Soyinka, The Interpreters. The idiolectical feature of the character's speech is the
  • A. repetition of consonant sounds
  • B. repetition of initial consonant sounds
  • C. duplication of consonant sound clusters
  • D. multiplication of diphthongs.
  • E. multiplication of diphthongs.
The traditional order in the play is represented by
  • A. Mrs. B
  • B. Hannah
  • C. Maanan
  • D. Aunt
  • E. Aunt
Farce can be described as a dramatic piece marked by
  • A. movement from serious to the light-hearted mood
  • B. comic and exaggerated actions
  • C. actions devoid of meaning
  • D. gloomy actions with momentary reliefs.
  • E. gloomy actions with momentary reliefs.
Constance Neville, an orphan is the niece and ward of
  • A. Mr. Hastings
  • B. Mr. Hardcastle
  • C. Mrs. Hardcastle
  • D.
  • E.
He already had five wives and was soon going to break the legs of the antelope for the sixth time’. The expression ‘break the legs of the antelope’ means to:
  • A. be ON honeymoon
  • B. offer ritual sacrifice
  • C. hunt for antelopes
  • D. have a new baby.
  • E. have a new baby.
Maya Angelou's "Caged Bird" is referred to as an allegory because
  • A. It teaches moral
  • B. It is a fable
  • C. It is metaphorical
  • D. It is a short poem
  • E. It is a short poem
‘Now look what we have: a permanent bloom of ugly paper flowers! The device used by Aaron in the excerpt above is
  • A. suspense
  • B. rhetorical question
  • C. oxymoron
  • D. allegory
  • E. allegory