English Past Questions

Refresh Questions
The old man was rushed to hospital when his blood pressure dropped to a …….. level
  • A. dangerously lowly
  • B. dangerous lowly
  • C. dangerously low
  • D. dangerous low
  • E. dangerous low
Governing a country is not always as straightforward as people sometimes imagine.
  • A. complicated
  • B. troublesome
  • C. untoward
  • D. Irksome
  • E. Irksome
The Federal Government has .... child trafficking
  • A. postulated
  • B. projected
  • C. prescribed
  • D. proscribed
  • E. proscribed
Publishing as a business venture has become a hot potato in Nigeria.
  • A. unacceptable
  • B. unpleasant
  • C. expensive
  • D. profitable
  • E. profitable
Course…………. writers are to reflect local colour
  • A. material's
  • B. materials'
  • C. materials
  • D. material
  • E. material
You are to write a report and give it to the security office
  • A. After writing your report, give it to the security office
  • B. You are writing a report, as the security office directed
  • C. The report you are writing should be given to the security office
  • D. You have been ordered to write a report, which you wilt give to the security office
  • E. You have been ordered to write a report, which you wilt give to the security office
The computerised service of the new banks is heart­ warming.
  • A. manual
  • B. mechanical
  • C. electrical
  • D. condensed.
  • E. condensed.
When the cashier told him to join the queue, he considered it……. his dignity.
  • A. a drawback to
  • B. an affront on
  • C. withdrawal from
  • D. a strain on
  • E. a strain on
I can't stand people prying into my private life. 'Ladi said '………… agree Agbenu
  • A. Me too
  • B. Likewise myself
  • C. Me neither
  • D. I also
  • E. I also
The views of the plateau are in stark contrast to the workaday cottages below
  • A. ordinary an uninteresting
  • B. beautiful an interesting
  • C. comfortable an fascinating
  • D. ugly an unfascinating
  • E. ugly an unfascinating