English Past Questions

Refresh Questions
The popularity of the military dictator waned after war
  • A. increased
  • B. changed
  • C. declined
  • D. skyrocketed.
  • E. skyrocketed.
The usually hostile crowd was captivated by the .player's winsome attitude
  • A. obnoxious
  • B. friendly
  • C. colourful
  • D. drunken
  • E. drunken
Funnily enough, the priest prayed for the robber who shot him.
  • A. Timidly
  • B. Unexpectedly
  • C. Disappointingly
  • D. Fearlessly.
  • E. Fearlessly.
You must practise in order to................perfection.
  • A. obtain
  • B. have
  • C. get
  • D. achieve
  • E. achieve
The company paid some money to Abu to... ….. him for the losses he suffered during the accident.
  • A. indemnify
  • B. condole with
  • C. settle
  • D. recompense
  • E. recompense
The reporter said that the Honourable speaker………….. impeached
  • A. is to be
  • B. might have been
  • C. may have being
  • D. will have been
  • E. will have been
  • A. chanced
  • B. frost
  • C. released
  • D. realized
  • E. realized
I visited Amina umpteen times in her college, but she never came to me
  • A. often
  • B. seldom
  • C. twice
  • D. occasionally.
  • E. occasionally.
The attempt to count the population was largely successful.
  • A. mostly
  • B. completely
  • C. hardly
  • D. totally.
  • E. totally.
A wide range of options
  • A. is
  • B. were
  • C. are
  • D. was
  • E. was