English Past Questions

Refresh Questions
  • A. JUrisprudence
  • B. juRISprudence
  • C. jurisPRUdence
  • D. jurispruDENCE
If he ……… for admission, I am sure he would succeed
  • A. will apply
  • B. applied
  • C. had applied
  • D. has applied
If he went to London, he would see the Queen
  • A. He did not go to London and did not see the Queen
  • B. He would like to see the Queen when he goes to London
  • C. When he goes to London, he will see the Queen
  • D. He did not see the queen when he went to London.
If the trader paid in full, his order was not pruned down.
  • A. The trader who made full payment did not have his order reduced
  • B. The trader who made some payment did not have his order delayed.
  • C. Unless the trader paid in full his order would be rejected.
  • D. As the trader did not increase his order, he did not need to pay in full
Agbo could not travel as he had come...… influenza
  • A. over with
  • B. down with
  • C. in from
  • D. on to
His poetry is said to be inscrutable
  • A. ludicrous
  • B. unlearnable
  • C. inseparable
  • D. mysterious.
The reason why he was not offered admission was …………… his results could not be found.
  • A. that
  • B. when
  • C. owing to
  • D. because
The young man has..... to sober...…… after being drunk.
  • A. began/up
  • B. begun/in
  • C. begun/up
  • D. began/down
The chairman refused to shake…………. with the secretary
  • A. hand
  • B. his hand
  • C. hands
  • D. his hands
…………. been there to look for her several times without success.
  • A. He'll
  • B. He’s
  • C. Is he
  • D. He is