Crk Past Questions

Refresh Questions
The Pharisees and the Scribes accused the disciples of Jesus transgressing the tradition of the elders because they
  • A. did not regard synagogue rules
  • B. did not pray before meals
  • C. ate with unwashed hands
  • D. disobeyed the elders
“Let the waters under the heavens be gathered together into one place, and let the dry land appear.” In the statement above the dry land and the water refer to
  • A. earth and oceans
  • B. firmament and seas
  • C. firmament and oceans
  • D. earth and seas
In Corinthians, Paul said that one can only say Jesus is Lord by
  • A. denouncing the law
  • B. faith
  • C. grace
  • D. the Holy Spirit.
When David spared the life of Saul the second time he took away his
  • A. bow and arrow
  • B. spear and jar of water
  • C. royal crown and armour
  • D. spear and iron shield.
By the action of the Good Samaritan, Christians are encouraged to
  • A. go out to the streets and look for someone to help.
  • B. always travel with enough money in case the need arises to help.
  • C. show compassion and render help to the needy.
  • D. avoid travelling on lonely roads where armed robbers could attack.
One of the following said: “the lion has roared who will not fear?
  • A. Nathan
  • B. Jeremiah
  • C. Amos
  • D. Hosea
The wife of Moses was called
  • A. Rebecca.
  • B. Rachel.
  • C. Zipporah.
  • D. Deborah
The Amalekites who opposed the Israelites in the wilderness were from the lineage of
  • A. Benjamin
  • B. Jacob
  • C. Esau
  • D. Reuben
James advised Christians to portray their faith in Jesus by
  • A. listening to the word of God always.
  • B. converting others to Christ.
  • C. practicalizing their Christian belief
  • D. constant prayer and fasting.
When Ezekiel ate the scroll that was given to him his call. it signified that
  • A. God would always go before him
  • B. his sins were forgiven
  • C. he would never be hungry
  • D. he was filled with God’s word