Civiledu Past Questions

Refresh Questions
An organization whose ultimate aim is to gain the control of government and implement its programmes is known as a
  • A. Trade Union
  • B. Local Government
  • C. Political Party
  • D. Pressure Group
NUC and NBA stands for ......... and ......... respectively
  • A. National University Commission and Nigeria Bar Association
  • B. Nigeria Bar Association and National University Commission
  • C. National Union Congress and Nigeria Basketball Authority
  • D. National Utilities Commission and Nigeria Bar Association
One of the listed criteria qualifies one for election .......
  • A. certificate
  • B. beauty
  • C. height
  • D. citizenship
In the General election of June 12 1993, the two main candidates that contested for the post of presidency were ......
  • A. MKO Abiola and Olusegun Obasanjo
  • B. MKO Abiola and Tofa
  • C. Atiku and Olusegun Obasanjo
  • D. Yaradua and Goodluck Jonathan
People Living With HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) can be supported by
  • A. billing them for antiretroviral therapy
  • B. providing drugs for them at subsidized rates
  • C. providing special attires for them
  • D. providing accommodation for them in designated locations
The following are duties to be performed by the citizens of a country EXCEPT
  • A. Destroying government properties
  • B. obey law and order
  • C. payment of tax
  • D. show loyalty
......... refer to a group of drugs that are inhaled in the form of a gas or solvent
  • A. hallucinogens
  • B. stimulants
  • C. inhalants
  • D. gasoline
Which of the following is not a preventive measure against the acquisition of the Ebola disease...........
  • A. Do not touch an infected person or their body fluids including blood, vomit, urine, saliva
  • B. Wash your hands regularly with soap and water and apply sanitizers frequently
  • C. Beware of hand shake and go for medical checkup as soon as possible when sick
  • D. Do not bath with medicated soap
All type of government perform all the following functions except
  • A. providing welfare and developmental facilities
  • B. maintaining law and order
  • C. encouraging the struggle for power
  • D. encouraging trade with other state
The following is the function of a responsible parenthood
  • A. care and love
  • B. gambling
  • C. Drug addition
  • D. fighting