Civiledu Past Questions

Refresh Questions
............ is obtained from the Nigerian immigration services as a requirement to travel out of the country
  • A. ticket
  • B. yellow card
  • C. passport
  • D. national ID card
Based on the above story, which of the following would Dr.Fajir not be allowed to do while in prison?
  • A. Voting during elections
  • B. Engaging in hard labour
  • C. Participating in prison fellowship
  • D. Writing examination
The police perform all the following function except
  • A. public execution of law breaker
  • B. controlling and directing traffic
  • C. protection of life and property
  • D. enforcement of law and orders
The law is enforced by
  • A. Military
  • B. Legislators
  • C. Police force
  • D. Area boys
Through which of these can citizenship status be acquired
  • A. birth, naturalization, honorary and registration
  • B. birth, colonization and integration
  • C. referendum, incorporation and acceptance
  • D. convention registration and colonization
.............. was the capital of Nigeria before .................
  • A. Abuja - Lagos
  • B. Lagos - Abuja
  • C. Ikeja - Abuja
  • D. Benin - Abuja
In order to avoid undue interference in the process of governance, there should be
  • A. clear cut separation of governmental powers
  • B. proper fusion of governmental powers and functions
  • C. more roles for traditional rulers in the governmental process
  • D. additional responsibility for local government council
Any forms of restricted franchise is a violation of the principle of
  • A. political equality
  • B. sovereignty
  • C. legality
  • D. constitutionalism
Juvenile delinquency refers to
  • A. active youths participation in sports
  • B. wrong doings by the youths
  • C. Refusal to worship God by the youths
  • D. Urban Rural migration by the youth
The former National anthem begins with.......................
  • A. Nigeria We Hail Thee
  • B. Arise O Compatriots
  • C. I pledge to Nigeria my Country
  • D. So help me God