Biology Past Questions

Refresh Questions
Drancunculiasis can be contacted through
  • A. drinking contaminated water
  • B. bathing in contaminated water
  • C. bites of blackfly
  • D. eating contaminated food
The rods in the retina of the eye are examples of
  • A. cells
  • B. Tissues
  • C. organs
  • D. systems
A woman with the ability to roll her tongue (Tt) marries a man who cannot roll his tongue (tt). What is the probability of each of their children being a tongue roller?
  • A. 100%
  • B. 75%
  • C. 50%
  • D. 25%
A characteristic that can possibly be shared by both living and non-living organisms is
  • A. locomotion
  • B. irritability
  • C. increase in biomass
  • D. increase in size
The recycling method of solid waste disposal is unsuitable for
  • A. organic matter
  • B. glass
  • C. plastics
  • D. metal scraps
An animal body that can be cut along its axis in any plane to give two identical parts is said to be
  • A. radically symmetrical
  • B. bilaterally symmetrical
  • C. asymmetrical
  • D. symmetrical
When an animal has a dark coloured dorsal surface and light coloured ventral surface, this is an adaptation called
  • A. concealment coloration
  • B. countershading
  • C. colour blending
  • D. disruptive coloration
A food chain always begins with a
  • A. consumer
  • B. decomposer
  • C. producer
  • D. primary consumer
The part of the mammalian ear responsible for the maintenance of balance is the
  • A. pinna
  • B. perilymph
  • C. Ossicles
  • D. cochlea
The product of excretion common to the mammalian kidney lung and skin is
  • A. Urea
  • B. carbon (IV)oxides
  • C. mineral salt
  • D. water