Biology Past Questions

Refresh Questions
According to Darwin, the driving force behind evolutionary change is
  • A. atural selection
  • B. genetic drift
  • C. mutation
  • D. gene flow
Seed plants are divided into
  • A. angiosperms and gymnosperms
  • B. monocotyledons and dicotyledons
  • C. thallophyes and pbryophytes
  • D. Tracheophytes and ferns
The cell of an onion bulb can be differentiated from a cheek cell by the presence of
  • A. plasmalemma
  • B. chloroplast
  • C. cell wall
  • D. nucleus
Al living cells require water because it
  • A. is a medium for all metabolic reactions
  • B. is a medium that neutralizes acids in cells
  • C. is the main source of energy for the cells
  • D. prevents the development of disease in cells.
The only caste in the termite colony whose members can feed themselves are the
  • A. reproductive
  • B. workers
  • C. nymhs
  • D. soldiers
In mammalian males, the excretory and reproductive systems share the
  • A. ureter
  • B. vas deferens
  • C. urethra
  • D. Testes.
If water that has been coloured red is poured at the base of a wilting plant, it will appear as a red stain in the cells of
  • A. Xylem
  • B. epidermis
  • C. phloem
  • D. parench
The cell component that is present in a prokaryotic cell is the
  • A. chloroplast
  • B. ribosome
  • C. mitochondrion
  • D. nuclear envelope
The chromosomes of members of the kingdom monera are within the
  • A. nucleus
  • B. nucleolus
  • C. cytoplasm
  • D. Nucleoplasm
Drancunculiasis can be contacted through
  • A. drinking contaminated water
  • B. bathing in contaminated water
  • C. bites of blackfly
  • D. eating contaminated food