Commerce Past Questions

Refresh Questions
Payment made to the insured by the insurer outside its legal obligation is
  • A. premium paid
  • B. exgratia payment
  • C. surrender value
  • D. sum assured.
Which of the following is the quickest and accurate means of communication?
  • A. Telegram
  • B. Express mail
  • C. Courier services
  • D. Telex
Social responsibility is the ability of an organization to
  • A. tackle the socio-economic problem of its community
  • B. meet the needs of its community
  • C. contribute to sustaining and developing its community
  • D. operate without disrupting the very essence of the environment.
One of the characteristics of a good organizational chart is that it should
  • A. be rigid
  • B. show government policy
  • C. facilitate communication
  • D. be acceptable
Which of the following towns was NOT an initial commercial centre in Nigeria?
  • A. Kano
  • B. Lagos
  • C. Maiduguri
  • D. Yola
Primary production is associated with
  • A. banking
  • B. manufacturing
  • C. agriculture
  • D. construction
An example of a computer operating system is
  • A. the pagemaker
  • B. the Word Perfect
  • C. Microsoft Word 2000
  • D. Windows 2000
When one person approves an act previously done by another in the former's name without authority, this is known as
  • A. ratification
  • B. estoppels
  • C. illegality
  • D. misrepresentation.
One of the major problems of a sole proprietor is sourcing for
  • A. raw materials
  • B. labour
  • C. machineries
  • D. funds
The right of retain possession of goods until the contract price is paid is referred to as
  • A. a promise
  • B. ultra vires
  • C. a branch
  • D. a lien