Commerce Past Questions

Refresh Questions
Charges paid by a ship for staying at a port beyond agreed sailing time is called
  • A. profit
  • B. interest
  • C. holding
  • D. demurrage
  • E. demurrage
Petrol voucher is an example of a
  • A. bank draft.
  • B. legal tender.
  • C. token money
  • D. partial money.
  • E. partial money.
Which of the following is NOT a means of payment through the post office?
  • A. Giro system
  • B. Money order
  • C. Postage stamp
  • D. Standing order
  • E. Standing order
In which of the following will be number of words used determine the cost of the message sent?
  • A. telephone
  • B. telegram
  • C. e-mail
  • D. telex
  • E. telex
Given: N Opening stock 1,800 Purchases 2, 800 Sales 8,000 Closing stock 350 Carriage on sales 500 Calculate the value of the unused stock.
  • A. N 800
  • B. N500
  • C. N350
  • D. N320
  • E. N320
The members of ECOWAS include
  • A. Nigeria, Chad, Gabon and Cape Verde
  • B. Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Niger and Mauritania
  • C. Guinea, Mali, Cameroon and Nigeria
  • D. Togo, Niger, Nigeria and Ghana.
  • E. Togo, Niger, Nigeria and Ghana.
One of the main objectives of the Second- tier Securities Market in Nigeria is to
  • A. achieve a realistic exchange rate for the naira
  • B. eliminate currency dealings in the black market
  • C. assist companies to raise capital
  • D. attract investment flow.
  • E. attract investment flow.
The direct contact of a seller with potential buyers with a view to making sales is called
  • A. advertising
  • B. personal selling
  • C. public relations
  • D. publicity
  • E. publicity
An advantage of the Second-Tier Securities Market to an economy is in
  • A. creating avenues for investment
  • B. regulating competition amongst companies
  • C. granting financial assistance to consumers
  • D. increasing companies profit margins-.
  • E. increasing companies profit margins-.
Which of the following services is not rendered by commercial banks?
  • A. Business advice
  • B. Currency notes issue
  • C. Accepting deposits
  • D. Credit transfer
  • E. Credit transfer